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Rosie's Story

The Rosie Herman story is an inspiration for anyone who has ever had a dream. After working fifteen years as a manicurist, Rosie started a brand new career – Stay-at-Home Mom with twin girls. The joys of motherhood, though, produced one dilemma – excessively dry skin, and no product on the market relieved the problem. So Rosie went to the lab, aka her kitchen, and after months of experimenting, developed a formula for her skin that worked wonders! She borrowed money from her sister to make ten jars to give as Christmas gifts. These became an instant hit!


Rosie quickly realized that she could make as much money selling her new products as she did from giving manicures from home. She named it “Mommy’s Magic” and began selling it to a steady stream of friends and customers. When local salons discovered the product, orders poured in! All of this from the initial goal of making enough money to take her twin girls out to dinner once a week.

Outgrowing her kitchen as a distribution hub, Rosie moved the operation to her garage. But success did not come easy. In the beginning, Rosie did it all – mixed, stirred, poured, boxed and delivered, often working well into the early morning hours after putting her twins to bed. And making matters worse, no one would lend her money or even extend her credit. The Memories Book is filled with those initial rejection letters. What started as a way for a stay-at-home mom to make a little extra money has turned into an international business that has created an entirely new category within the beauty industry! One Minute Manicure is recognized as the leading product in its category and no one has been able to duplicate the incredible results achieved through Rosie’s recipes.

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